Guidelines On How To Get The Best Solar Panels Installer

Purchasing solar panels is a significant investment; there you should make sure that you get the right one for your specific energy needs. Many installers have flooded the market and claim to offer the best services, but this is not usually the case. If you do not know how to choose the best, you might get overwhelmed or falling into the trap of those promising to provide you with the best. To ensure that you do not make a mistake here is a guideline on what to check.


It is of great importance that the installer you select be certified by the relevant authorities. It is also necessary you check if they belong to any of the associations. This is a great indication that they have adhered to all the regulations set in the industry including qualifications. It is good you be sure who will carry out the installation. Note if your potential company usually subcontracts their services. If this is the case, make sure that the company that is subcontracted meets all the criteria set in the industry. All their technicians must also be certified.

Pay home visit

A good installer will not jump into starting to install or providing the solar panels to you. They should, first of all, pay a visit to your home to assess the best solar panels that will work perfectly for your home. They will also give you information on how you can save energy in your home and also the level of energy efficiency of your home. If you find an installer who is not ready to take their time and check your specific requirements, you might not get the best installation services from them.

Ask for their references

To be sure that you will get highly satisfactory installation services, you should request them to give you contacts of their previous clients. By doing this, you will be able to call and ask them the quality of the installation they received from your potential installer. You will also understand the kind of experience you get by working with them for your solar panel installation project. Friends, co-workers and relatives can also recommend the best installers in your area.

Warranty offered

It is also important that you look at the warranty that the solar panels come with. In most cases, the average warranty provided for the panel is twenty years. If you find an installer providing solar panels with a shorter warranty than twenty years, this is an indication that the quality of solar panels provided is of low. The best installers will also provide you with a workmanship warranty of one year.


You need to get quotes from two to three Solar Panels Sydney Experts so that you can get the one with the best deal in the price charged. You need to get the one with quotations that are customised according to your specific needs. Be sure to look at what is included in the quotation and ensure that you get full quotes. This will ensure you avoid those with hidden charges.

Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Solar Panels

Now that you have decided to install solar panels in your home, the next most crucial thing you should think is getting the ones that will serve your needs. With modern technology you will find a lot of solar panels from different manufacturers. So, you have to take your time so that you do not make mistakes that will cost you your money and time. There is nothing terrible as investing your money on solar panels to note that they cannot serve your home energy needs. There are certain mistakes you need to avoid as you spend your hard earned money on solar panels.

Buying any solar panel

One of the greatest mistakes that most people make is thinking that they can buy any solar panel and think they will work. Each of the solar panels you get in the market will work best in certain areas or situations. So, it is not right to go and start picking the solar panels without taking into consideration how you want to use the solar at home. Individual panels are perfect for light duties, while there are those used to power machines or heating waters. So, it is essential you take into consideration how you would want to use the panel as you make your selection.

Buying cheap panels

Another great mistake that people make is going for the most affordable solar panel as they try to save money in the process. Like many other products that you get in the market, it is good to note that cheap solar panels might not have the power to provide enough energy for your needs at home. Besides, they might not be of the highest quality; this means that even if you spend money on them, they will not serve your needs for a long time. The best option you have is to create a reasonable budget so that you can get high-quality panels that will serve you for a long time the need for frequent repairs or replacements.

Failure to check the warranty

The solar panel comes with a warranty. Most of the high-quality options usually come with a warranty of twenty to twenty-five years. As you do the shopping, it is necessary for you to check the warranty that comes with the different panels. One of the rules is that the longer the warranty, the higher the quality of the panels. A long warranty shows that the manufacturers have confidence with their panel that offers such a long warranty period.

Not checking the reputation of manufacturers

All manufacturers of solar panels Sydney are not the same. There are some with a good name while others do not. So, as you do your shopping, make sure that you only consider buying from those with a good name in the industry. The best way to know is to check at the reviews given by past clients or ask for recommendations for those who have successfully installed solar panels in their homes.

Factors to Consider When Looking for Best Solar Panes

Since solar energy has become very popular, many solar panels have been launched making it very hard for one to buy the best one. If you are thinking of purchasing the best solar panels for your home, then you must understand that not all solar panels that you are going to find will serve you best. For this reason, be sure to carry out extensive research before making the purchase.

Assistance from the Expert

Many solar installation companies can help you buy the right solar systems. The fact that they have installed different types of solar systems for different people means that they know which solar panels will serve you best. However, you need to take note of the fact that not all installers can do good work for you. Therefore, be sure to choose wisely.

Factors to Consider When Buying Solar Panels

With the right guidelines, buying the best solar panels becomes a simple task. Here are some points that you need to put into consideration anytime that you are looking for the best solar panels.

Your Needs

What are your energy requirements? The initial point is to find out the amount of energy that you need. This is important because different solar panels have different capabilities when it comes to power generation. If for instance, your power requirement revolves around domestic use, then you might not need to invest in robust systems.


You also need to look at the efficiency of the solar panels. Efficiency refers to the rate at which the solar panels convert solar energy into power. Solar panels that have a high ability are the best option because it simply means that you will require a few numbers of them.

Manufacturer’s Credibility

Another critical point to keep in mind before buying your solar panels is the manufacturer’s credibility. It is necessary to do some history check up to see whether the brand that you are buying can meet your needs. One thing is for sure if the brand that you are about to buy has a bad history, then you can be sure that you are not going to be a happy person if you choose to buy from them.

The Cost

Avoid cheap panels as they are designed to last for a short time. Remember the old phrase that you get what you pay for has never lost its meaning. So if you buy cheap panels, you should expect poor quality services.

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