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Executive Director

VACANCY: Executive Director Position

Committed to the realization of its vision, mission and objectives, the board of AfICTA approved the engagement of a full-time Executive Secretary to run the affairs of the Alliance subject to its direction. The responsibility of the Executive Secretary shall include:

  1. Oversees all of the activities of the Alliance, including marketing and growth;
  2. Be responsible for all fiscal and financial matters of the Alliance;
  3. Be responsible for all aspects of policy development, lobbying, and external communications of the Alliance;
  4. Be responsible for the hiring, incenting, and dismissal of the Alliance’s staff and, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors, the engagement of a public policy director or advisor and legal counsel;
  5. Be responsible for the formulation of policies and procedures, including those for membership and elections; implementation of resolutions of the Board of Directors: and administration of competitive bidding procedures for the Board’s selection of events;
  6. Be responsible for establishing and maintaining the Alliance's website and for creating and safeguarding the Alliance's intellectual property, including its logo
  7. Be responsible for such other duties and responsibilities as may be delegated to him by the Chairman or the Board.
  8. The Executive Director shall report directly to the Chairman and serve the Board.


  1. Must be a citizen of Africa
  2. Applicants must obtain a minimum of MSc in Computer Science or related courses
  3. Aged between (25-50) years at the point of entry, though retired ICT professional may apply
  4. Good personal relationship and communication skill
  5. Must be proficient in English language with French Language as an advantage
  6. Web development, deployment and management expertise
  7. Managerial capacity

Please complete the application form below if you wish to apply.

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