"Mobilizing African Business Leaders for the future of the Internet"

Why your voice should be heard?


 The Internet is now acclaimed as the centre of gravity for human life. It is a global resource that is critically central to successful national development and survivability.

 Therefore, can a contemporary African business survive a scenario of a failed Internet? Can a broken or fragmented Internet serve the interest of Africa? How about an Internet that is unstable and unsecure? Can it foster business confidence and promote commerce? Answer is capital NO!

With more than 1.1 billion people and a growing economy engendered by the Internet, African commercial and business players particularly CEOs as a necessity need to step up and make their voices heard and interests represented where it matters most nationally, regionally and globally.



 AfICTA CEO Roundtable Insights: This CEO roundtable, therefore serves to amongst others:

·         Provide insights into the issues germane to African continuous growth and development

·         Activate wider African business voices  and content on the global business discourse in the area of Internet Governance, Domain Name System industry, cyber and information security, Intellectual property rights,

·         Create access to venture capitals to enhance sustainable business,

·         Articulate and advise on strategic policy for business and governance.


Strategic Focus

 Beginning from Nigeria, this exclusive business leaders’ forum will be conducted each year across member African economies giving consideration for national business leaders’ voice to be coalesced for active national, regional and global engagement in Internet public policy discourse.



 Mobilizing African Business Leaders for the future of the Internet


·         Effective Policy framework for the Internet we want

·         The Internet Governance Issues

·         Opportunities in the expanding DNS industry

·         Why your voice should be heard?


Event Setting

 The event shall be a round table dialogue and face to face talk with about 30 top ICT business CEOs in Nigeria. It would begin 9am on June 10th at the Hilton Hotel Abuja with general introductions and an appraisal of the current global Internet Governance issues viz-a-viz new gTLD, IANA Transition, ICANN Accountability, WSIS 10-year review, IGF2015 etc . After a 30minutes break @ 11am, the leaders will converge till 2pm for an insight into Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) bottom-up, consensus driven, multi-stakeholder governance model and the role of the Commercial and Business User Constituency (aka BC) in the policy development process of ICANN. Delegates will also be acquitted with business justification for investing in the Domain Name System (DNS) industry. Lunch will be served between 2-3pm.


At 3pm, the Director-General of National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) would be engaged on his industry development strategies and the impact of the newly released Nigerian Cybersecurity Strategy and Policy on the stability, security and resiliency of the Internet.


Day 2 would be exclusive AfICTA strategy session.


Expected Outcome of the Meeting

It is expected at the end of the event that new interests would have been developed in African (Nigerian) business participation in the volatile but fluid global discourse on the future of the Internet. Decision makers’ interest is expected to have been arisen on investing in the DNS industry and commitment made for the long term participation in the critical policy development work that is to shape the Internet that we want.


Revised Programme Outline

June 10, 2015





8 – 9am

Accreditation/ Tea/Coffee


9 – 11am












1st Session (Internet Governance)


Mobilizing African Biz Leaders for the Future of the Internet

Remark by the Special Guest of Honour

 The State of the Internet I
1. The Internet Governance Challenge
2. Netmundial Initiative
3. WSIS 10-Year Review

The State of the Internet II

- New gTLD: evolution and business opportunities & challenges

The State of the Internet III
- IANA Transition

Q & A


Dr Sola Afolabi (Event Chair)

Jimson Olufuye
Chair, AfICTA

Mr Peter Jack, DG NITDA


Marilyn Cade
mCade llc


Andrew Mack
BC Outreach coordinator

Mary Uduma
Member ICG

11 – 11.30am

Group Photograph

Tea/Coffee Break


11.30 – 1pm

11.30- noon




2nd Session (DNS industry)

ICANN structure, governance and the role of the Business Users Constituency

Investment opportunities in the DNS industry

.ng TLD: Exploring the Next Level


Waudo Siganga
Chair, Computer Society of Kenya

Pierre Dandjinou
V.P (Africa) ICANN

Engr Lanre Ajayi
President ATCON




2.45- 5pm






3rd Session (Industry Development)

The new NITDA & Nigeria’s eStrategies

The Nigerian Cyber security Strategy & Policy
- Impact on the security, stability and resiliency of the Internet

Cyberlaw in Nigeria

Industry Investment Capital; where are they? And how can they be accessed?

Closing networking


Mr Peter Jack

Director, Communication NSA (TBC)

Mr Olutoyin Oloniteru
Spindlar Cyberlaw Centre

Group discussion - Dr Sola Afolabi

June 11, 2015


AfICTA (Nigeria) Strategy Session


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